Thursday, February 5, 2009

Playing House

Yes, I'm cleaning my house today! Logan is at preschool this morning and its time to get my house clean. While mopping up my kitchen. I realize I hadn't seen or heard Leah in a long time. So, I called out her name to see where she was at. Usually when she's quiet it means she's in trouble. She called back to tell me yelling "house, house"! So, I went into her room. This is what I discovered:
Leah built her very own club house. She was busy under all those blankets playing with her dolly!She mostly likes to play with her brothers toys but lately I have caught her playing with her dolly.

She just walked past me with a handful of Logan's blankets! Yup, she's adding onto her house! Logan is always building forts in the family room. He usually doesn't want her near his club houses or forts. I still can't believe she's building her own fort.

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MoziEsmé said...

Looks like she's got her own house to clean! Very cute...