Saturday, February 28, 2009

A True Story...

The boys Get In Trouble

by Landon S.

(Landon's oral story typed by mom)

Once upon a time, the boys ended up in the woods. When their mom told them not to. Because she said there was monsters and other things they shouldn't go there unless their dad or mom came than they meet a whirlpool that was named "meokiey"! Than he said to hop in and than they ended up in a pirate ship stealing their gold and throwing it into the river surrounded by the two boys. They got really trap and the meokiey whirlpool came and sucked them up and the pirates where in the water dead. The boys hopped into the whirlpool. They ended up finding a spaceship in space. The whirlpool came back and let them hop in. They came back to back to earth and they were so tiny. They could fit into a speck. All of sudden, they were in their house and they were so small. They called meokiey the whirlpool back to make them big again. Their mom saw them but she said not to go back their again. The boys did again. They snuck out of the house. They went a different path and they meet other whirlpools and it took them all over the world and space. Than they went on a new trail they had never been on before. They meet the biggest world pool and it went into the ground and sucked them up and the whirlpool sucked up the whole earth.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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